Advances in the area of disease diagnostics have brought to some substantial rise in the introduction of point-of-care medical imaging devices handheld ultrasound scanners emerged like a novel means to fix focus on the unmet need within this domain. Actually, the interest in handheld ultrasound devices is on the surge amongst the COVID-19 pandemic. These portable, pocket-friendly, point-of-care devices have revolutionized treating COVID-19 patients by provide remote use of doctors and ensures safety from the staff.

Roots Analysis is very happy to announce the publication of their recent study, entitled, “Global Handheld Ultrasound Imaging Devices Market, 2020-2030”.

The  report features a comprehensive study of the present market landscape, offering an educated opinion around the likely adoption of these compact diagnostic devices, within the next decade. The report features an in-depth analysis, highlighting the abilities of numerous stakeholders involved in this domain. Additionally with other elements, the research includes:

•           A detailed assessment of the present market landscape of companies involved in the event / manufacturing of handheld ultrasound imaging devices

•           Elaborate profiles of key industry players that provide a several handheld ultrasound imaging scanners (shortlisted based on the merchandise portfolio).

•           A detailed brand positioning analysis of key industry players, highlighting the present perceptions regarding proprietary brands by considering several relevant aspects.

•           An insightful competitiveness analysis having a four-dimensional bubble chart, highlighting the important thing players within this domain.

•           A comprehensive product competitiveness analysis to judge prominent scanners according to several product specific parameters.

•           An research into the partnerships which have been inked by stakeholders within the domain, in the period period 2010-2020.

•           An insightful analysis highlighting the price saving potential connected by using handheld ultrasound imaging devices, according to information from near to 50 countries.

•           An informed estimate from the global interest in handheld ultrasound imaging devices for that period 2020-2030.

•           A overview of the finish-user specific product distribution strategies adopted by different device developers together with demand and market attractiveness for handheld ultrasound imaging devices.

•           An insightful discussion around the impact of COVID-19 around the overall handheld ultrasound imaging devices market, combined with the key training learnt from big pharma players in 2008 recession.

•           A detailed market forecast, featuring research into the current and forecasted future chance across key areas (the following)

•           Application Area

•           Cardiac Checking

•           Emergency Medicines

•           Gynecological / Obstetrics Checking

•           Musculoskeletal Checking

•           Pulmonary Checking

•           Urological Checking

•           Vascular Surgery

•           Other Application Areas

•           Type of Transducer Array

•           Curved

•           Endocavity

•           Linear

•           Phased

•           Other Scanners

•           Type of Software

•           Smartphone Applications

•           Customized Software

•           End-Users

•           Ambulatory Surgical Centers

•           Diagnostic Imaging Centers

•           Hospitals

•           Maternity Clinics

•           Specialty Clinics

•           Other Finish-Users

•           Key Geographical Regions

•           North America

•           Europe

•           Asia-Off-shore and World

•           Transcripts of interviews held using the following senior level representatives of stakeholder companies

•           Stefan Maas (Ceo, SomaView)

•           Anais Concepcion (Director of Content and Campaign Management, EchoNous)

•           Zhengzheng Zhu (Oversea Business Development, PeakSonic)

Key companies covered within the report

•           Aidmax Medical

•           Beijing Konted Medical Technology

•           Biim Ultrasound

•           BreastIT

•           Butterfly Network

•           CJ Medical

•           Clarius Mobile Health

•           EchoNous

•           Fujifilm

•           GE Healthcare

•           Guangzhou Top Medical Equipment

•           Healcerion

•           Interson Medical Instruments

•           Philips

•           Somax Systems

•           VINNO

•           WuHan Youkey Bio-Medical Electronics

•           Yor Labs

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